uPlay downtime ruining Watch Dogs launch

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We – or rather I,  unfortunately, have to eat a bit of crow. In April, we told you that uPlay was only needed to activate Watch Dogs, and you wouldn’t need to run that bloated, awful service in tandem with Steam to have the game working. We were wrong. We got this information directly from our Ubisoft rep, and believed it. It was, perhaps, bad information; the game unfortunately does need that rubbish in order to run, though you can set uPlay to play offline once it’s gobbled up your CD Key.  We’re awfully sorry about that. We apologise to anyone who bought the game on our info, and has to endure uPlay. Surprise, surprise – it’s causing issues for people at launch.

Many are complaining that the PC version of the game is unplayable. Constraints on Ubisoft’s uPlay service are keeping many from being able to log in to the service to play the game they’ve bought, while others still are unable to even download the game they’ve bought.

While the issue has been alleviated a bit, it’s still something that’s affecting players. Ubisoft still says it’s working to fix it.


Online issues that keep people from playing the games that they’ve bought it is an increasing problem; Sim City and Diablo III spring immediately to mind. It’s one that shouldn’t exist in the first place, and uPlay is one of the biggest culprits in that arena. I get what it’s trying to be; a built-in rewards systems that tracks players progress, but all it’s actually accomplishing is being bloated DRM that makes people not want to buy Ubisoft games on PC.

Ubisoft, I implore you. Just stop it.

Last Updated: May 28, 2014

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