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Valve revealing VR headset at GDC

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The Games Developer Conference, or GDC, is just under a week away. It’s a hub for some of the best game creators to come together and mingle for a few days, but it’s also a prime opportunity for companies to get on stage and talk about their vision of the future of gaming. One such company will be Valve – and they’ve got a lot of hardware to reveal during their time under the spotlight.

Valve is set to reveal a new wave of Steam Machines, as well as the final version of the Steam Controller. The controller, which last featured two circular touch pads instead of analogue sticks, has apparently undergone several design changes since last year. The controller Valve will reveal will ship with the numerous living room PCs later this year.

However, the most exciting news is that Valve is actually going to show off their own take on the Virtual Reality market. Valve has been working on an in-house VR solution for a long time now, but it’s also been accepted that the device would never leave their office. At one point Valve was even backing Oculus Rift, since they had nothing in the pipeline for consumers.

That might have slightly changed though, especially if Valve is so keen to show off their work to audiences at GDC. Valve doesn’t exactly have a strong presence in the hardware market, so it will be interesting to see if they’re perusing this avenue like a lone wolf or partnering up with another major VR firm.

Valve is also interested in helping VR developers host their content – presumably via Steam – so they will also be touching on that during the conference. But will Valve’s own VR be able to compete with the heavyweights already reigning over the industry?

Last Updated: February 24, 2015

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