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Valve wants Steamworks on Xbox 360

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Steamworks, a lighter content-delivery system is currently available for the PlayStation 3.  We’ve seen it in Portal 2, which allows for including cross-platform instant messaging, access to the  Steam Cloud, and even PC/PS3 cross platform play. It even gave PS3 purchasers a free token to download the game for PC or MAC for free.

Valve wants it on the Xbox as well, but for that to happen, Microsoft would need to ease up a little and open the Xbox Live system.

“We certainly can deliver a lot of value to customers to the degree to which we have those capabilities.” Valve boss Gabe Newel said to Eurogamer. "With the PS3 obviously we made a lot more progress with that,” he said when probed about Steamworks appearing on the PSN and XBl version’s of Valve’s next console release, the downloadable Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

“The PS3 customers of Portal 2 are going to start to see the benefits of that with Portal 2 DLC coming out in September. So we’d really like to be able to do that for Xbox customers as well.” “The main thing,” he added “is having Microsoft get comfortable with it and let us do it. Right now, there’s a huge amount of updates and free content we’ve been able to deliver to people who have The Orange Box that we haven’t been able to deliver to the Xbox because of the restrictions that have been placed on us on Xbox Live.”

“We’d love to see those relaxed. Other developers on the PS3 are starting to benefit from Sony’s more open approach. Hopefully that will help Microsoft see that’s a good strategy for making customers happy, that the barbarians won’t tear down the walls of Xbox and turn it into some chaotic wasteland.”

Steamworks would have helped the console versions on Team Fortress 2 stay up to date, instead of being the gimped version Orange Box owners have pretty much forgotten they own. Counter Strike: Global Offensive releases for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 next year. The Xbox version probably wont have Steamworks though.

Source : Eurogamer

Last Updated: August 25, 2011

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