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Battlefield 4

If there’s been one criticism of eSports, it comes down to spectator value in games other than MOBA. As much as people might enjoy watching competitive Battlefield 3, it is difficult to shout cast, and without shout casting, there is limited spectator value. EA and DICE are addressing this issue in the new Battlefield

Already officially announced on the Battlefield blog, Spectator Mode will add a variety of new features. These include First Person, Third Person, Tabletop and Freecam Views. Each view has merits and switching between them is quick and easy. While First Person and Third Person views are fairly straight forward, Tabletop view gives an overview of the big and small aspects of the battle. The biggest innovation is Freecam:

So one criteria for making a great Spectator Mode for Battlefield 4 was to have several Freecams, since you need the ability to fly around and switch positions quickly. This is also true for the competitive world, where having just one Freecam can easily make you miss parts of the action. If you look at shoutcasting of competitive gaming, you can’t always see where the action is. Sure, you get information based on the kill feed, but you can’t always see what’s going on around the corner. So in the Battlefield 4 Spectator Mode, you will get a combination of many different view modes and camera angles – making it great for competitive games.

But, what would this look like? Well, the guys at EA and DICE were curious and set up a twitch stream to give it a whirl. For those interested in watching, here is the YouTube video with commentary from big names like Daskro.:

What are the implications of Spectator Mode? Well, we can definitely see some fantastic growth potential in competitive play as a result. But it actually goes way deeper than that. Running on Frostbite 3, we can expect Spectator Mode in Battlefield 4 to set the standards for all future Frostbite 3 games. The guys over at DICE are excited about this – maybe we’ll even be seeing spectating in Battlefront. Also, this will help all those guys over on twitch who are already streaming a ton of content. All in all, it’s great to see that eSports are important to developers at all stages of the process – I’m excited to see the impact this will have on eSports, particularly MOBA.

Last Updated: October 16, 2013

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