Wall-E game sales not looking good. Have consumers finally woken up?

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Even though Wall-E, the latest animated offering from Disney-Pixar has enjoyed great success in the box-office, game sales are looking really bad.

edge-online.com reports that:

“While Wall-E initially seemed well positioned given the easy comp vs Ratatouille and strong box office and critical acclaim for the movie, thus far it does not seem so promising for the videogame,” said Signal Hill analyst Tom Greenwald.

Could it be that the consumers of the world have finally woken up?

Many people, mostly children and casual gamers are left disappointed with the sub-standard quality games that get pumped out to cash in on a movie license (See Ironman, Transformers).

I sincerely do hope that the low sales weren’t some sort of supergalactic fluke, because if consumers are learning that most of these games are usually quick cash-ins and refuse to buy them, we could be seeing more studios putting more time into ensuring that their license games are actually good.

source: edge-online.com

Last Updated: July 30, 2008

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