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Want local console servers? Tag yourself in this petition

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MWEB is betting a lot on gaming at the moment and after securing PC gaming servers for the last few years they have now turned their attention to consoles.

While they currently have some Gears of War servers they are trying to secure the rights to bring local servers to every other console game that requires them however to do that they need our help.

And to help all you need to do is head on over to their Facebook post and tag yourself in the image and spread the word.

Let’s let the voice of the SA console gamer be heard!!
We are tired of high pings playing on international servers when we still pay the full price for the game!
Let MWEB host the servers! Tag yourself in this image and add your name to the petition.
We’ll do the rest in sharing this with Electronic Arts (EA) South Africa, Activision, Battlefield, Treyarch, Battlefield 3, EA, Microsoft Game Studios.

It’s that simple so please do help the local community out by heading over and tagging yourself right now.

Last Updated: November 28, 2011

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