For those who have played The Witcher and The Witcher 2, the anticipation for The Witcher 3 is incredible. Seriously, that game looks amazing. Not everyone has played the original one – but now you can, and for free!

The ridiculously cool people over at Good Old Games are running a special promotion in honor of their 5th birthday. Buy ANY game, and you get the Witcher 1 for free. Now, the special only runs until next Thursday, but it’s still pretty rad. Also, all games bought on GoG.com are DRM free, which is a really nice touch. Buy any game, and you can give that game plus The Witcher to a friend if you like, or download it on all your machines.

Prepare yourself, though. While The Witcher was an amazing leap forward when it first came out, it will look a bit dated now, especially if you’ve seen the incredible videos coming out of the Witcher 3. However, for those who haven’t played with this winner of a game, it’s definitely worthwhile.

Oh, which reminds me, Beyond Good and Evil is also for sale on GoG for a mere $10. That’s $10 for Beyond Good and Evil plus you get The Witcher. Need I say more?

Last Updated: October 11, 2013

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