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Warframe turns 7, hands out free gear and new patches at its birthday party

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The poster child for games that started out terribly but worked their way all around to actually being good, Warframe is bigger and better nearly a decade after its initial release and that’s kind of inspiring. Everyone loves a good underdog story and Warframe is one of the best we have in the industry, establishing itself as one of the most fantastic looter-shooters/slash-and-grab games on the market…and it’s totally free! Warframe fans are an avid lot, I can tell you that much, and without their dedication and love it would no-doubt the game would have been quickly buried and forgotten about. Digital Extremes is clearly aware of this too, so to say thanks for everyone’s hard work they’re handing out free stuff.

Celebrating Warframe’s seventh anniversary, players who log into the game any time before March 30 will be gifted with a Dex Raksaka Armour Set, specifically designed for the birthday celebration. Of course, there’s more than just a free armour set though. Every three days throughout the rest of the month, players will be able to earn special items by completing in-game events; these items include weapon slots, Dex weapons and cosmetics from anniversary events past. Sounds like a lot to grind for but that’s basically the best part about Warframe, right? I’m genuinely asking because I’ve never played it. I’ll go ahead and assume I’m right.

This month of presents and events comes just before Warframe’s next big update, Operation Scarlet Spear which is expected to launch later this month on PC and on consoles a little later on. Time to go to war…with some frames, I guess? I don’t know what you Warframe players do. Go and kill things for a new helmet, I guess.  

Last Updated: March 9, 2020

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