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Warhammer 40 000: Space Marine gets its co-op action on in two weeks

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If you’ve purchased the rather excellent Space Marine game from Relic Entertainment, then you’ve no doubt been loving the hell out of its single-player campaign, as you blast and power-hammer your way through waves of Ork and Daemon enemies.

The downside however, has been the somewhat lacklustre multiplayer, with only two vanilla modes available with which to keep the action going after the end credits roll. We were promised some rocking co-op gameplay, and now we finally have a confirmation date for the all the dedicated bucket-heads on when exactly that update will roll around.

Mark October 25 as the date to remember, because that’s when the late add-on, Exterminatus, arrives. In addition to the single-player campaign co-op expansion, players will also get to try out a derivative of the ever popular horde mode, with wave after wave of enemies with scaling difficulty launching an assault on your squad.

The expansion is free, and will hopefully keep and entice players around for some more online action. Personally, I can’t wait to organize my personal squad of Space Marines, the Iron Thumbs of the Emperor, for some much anticipated horde mode.

Last Updated: October 10, 2011

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