Was the Milo demo faked?

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The big news of the day is that apparently that awesome Milo video was more smoke and mirrors than real technology.

According to Shane Satterfield, Editor in Chief over at gametrailers.com

“All I’m going to say about Milo is that its not legit. there were a lot of smoke and mirrors going on there, not the case with the ball demo [Ricochet] and the other stuff but with Milo there was definitely a little bit of deception going on.”

Now it’s one thing stating that there were smoke and mirrors in the demo and another thing entirely saying that it wasn’t legit.

That implies that the software doesn’t work and was simply a con… if that’s the case then Microsoft have stuck themselves in a hole that they may really struggle to get out of.

This has previously been alluded to by Nintendo when they mentioned that their product has a release date and not purely a piece of tech…

Only time will tell I guess, will we all have our own virtual buddies soon enough?

Source: Gamer Blorge

Last Updated: June 8, 2009

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