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Watch Dogs PC/PS4 compared

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Surprise! PC wins! Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry has compared this year’s E3 footage of Watch Dogs, running on a PlayStation 4 with the E3 2012 footage running on a PC, and found that the newer PS4 footage doesn’t compare to a high end PC from last year.

The newer PS4 just doesn’t quite have as much of that fidelity and sheen we saw from the PC demo in 2012. Worse still is that the frame-rate stutters quite a bit  on the PS4 version. Of course, the Pc version was obviously running on the very bleeding edge, while the PS4 one is code that will still be worked on and tailored to the console’s hardware – but it really is a bit telling that the PS4 can’t even beat year-old PC hardware; what’s it going to be like when the PS4 is released at the end of this year?

honestly though; I’;m just excited for the game and don;t really care about the graphical bells and whistles. all I want is an immersive experience, and I’m sure that Watch Dogs will deliver just that, regardless of platform.

Last Updated: July 15, 2013

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