Watch fish playing Street Fighter II. Do it.

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I don’t know if you were caught up by the frankly stupid craze that saw Twitch commenters playing Pokémon remotely, via a series of keystrokes which was then converted in to inputs in the game. That spawned the even dumber Fish Plays Pokémon. None of that really clicked with me though, as it just wasn’t speaking my language. This, however, has started to consume my free time.

It’s Fish Plays Street Fighter – and some insane human has hooked up his fish tank to a PC running an emulator that’s playing Super Street Fighter II. Two fish are housed in the tank, and depending on where they swim, different inputs are sent through to the game.

It’s just as dumb, but so strangely mesmerising.

“Welcome to my interpretation of the FishPlaysPokemon stream,” it says on the Twitch stream.  “As soon as I saw Grayson swimming around Kanto, I started wondering how the same control scheme would work for a fighting game. As it turns out, I think it’s pretty entertaining!”

Controlling player one is Aquarius, who is apparently “Quick and agile

“Aquarius has an aggressive fighting style which relies on rapid movement and flowing combos. However, his headstrong approach in a match can become his undoing when he finds himself running directly into his opponent’s fist over and over… and over… and over…”

His opponent is Robert the Bruce who is “s much more methodical in his technique, often pausing and waiting to counteract his opponents style, then striking at the most opportune moments.”

It’s nigh impossible for these fish to throw out special moves – but if you keep watching, you’ll see some of the coolest, most elegant Street Fighter combos. It’s dumb, but oddly engaging and  oh god, I just can’t stop watching…

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Last Updated: August 20, 2014

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