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Watch normal players pull off ridiculous, unscripted Lawbreakers stunts

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Lawbreakers PAX gameplay

Disclaimer: I’m a huge Cliff Bleszinski fan. I mean, he’s the master mind behind Gears of War – arguably one of the best games to have been made in the last decade or so. So it goes without saying that I’ve been keeping a very close eye on his new title Lawbreakers – a first-person multiplayer shooter that thankfully looks just as fun when real people play it.

If you’ve got nearly half an hour to kill, you’ll see what I mean. Thousands of people got a little hands-on time with the free-to-play shooter at PAX over the weekend, which Boss Key Studios so kindly captured and collected for this rather frantic montage. It’s a series of 9 second clips that sow off some amazing multi-kills, acrobatics and generally people dying – and it gives a good sense of the pace and setting that the game is going for.

And while I do love the speed of it all, I can’t help but notice that already some classes look a little stale.  Breacher, the gunner, for example looks like little more than traditional running and gunning – with his assault rifle rarely doing anything mildly exciting. On the other hand, characters like the melee, grappling assassin Kitsune tip the scales in the complete opposite direction, and I love how she’s able to zip around the battlefield with some deadly attacks.

The same goes for Chronos, the titan, whose earth shattering fist slams and always fun rocket jumps looks for more enjoyable than simply running and shooting. Lawbreakers is made up from a variety of these (and still to be revealed) character classes, and it’s awesome to see complex movements and kills being pulled off by complete rookies with the game.

That gives me a lot to look forward to – granted publisher Nexon don’t mess things up.

Last Updated: September 3, 2015

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