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We got your Gears of War 3 Epic Edition replacement right here

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Are you still feeling all grumpy and agitated about the fact that you wont be getting a totally sweet Epic Edition of Gears of War 3, thanks to some sort of nonsense agreement in the United States? Well then, I’ve got a solution for you right here.

Gentlemen, feast your eyes on this then, the Gears of War chassis. Its only for the slim Xbox 360, but it is beautiful, and possibly far more attractive than that other exclusive version of the console.

For 90 greenbacks, you’ll get a chassis that elevates your console, providing better airflow apparently, while the blood red finish is adorned with a GOW logo that glows a deathly crimson whenever you take too much damage in the game.

A cradle for your controller adorns the other side of the case. Fortunately for SA gamers, you can import the chassis, but its not going to be cheap. Its going to cost over $150 dollars in total, meaning that you’ll be forking out around R1000 for the mod.

Still, it seems to be a way better alternative to the Epic Edition right?





Source: Kotaku.com , Calibur11.com

Last Updated: June 30, 2011

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