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What does Error Code 80072ee2 on the NXE mean?

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Error Code 80072ee2

It’s arrived and has now been downloaded by millions of people all over the world and the servers have stood up to the initial strain and everything has kept on ticking over which must make the Engineers in Redmond ecstatic.

However it’s not all perfect and along with some freezing issues a new nemesis has raised it’s ugly head.

Error Status Code 80072ee2 is possibly going to be our new most hated thing, right now when I try and browse any content in the Arcade or Marketplace I get that error code.

Basically it seems to mean that your Xbox isn’t getting an answer back from the servers in time, this could be due to excess stress on the server, a bad connection or any number of other issues.

The only solution is to wait a while and try again… lets hope they fix that soon enough.

Another nice error I am getting is Status Code: 80000ffff when trying to browse for a nice new Viva Pinata theme. I can’t find any information about this error at all though, which makes me worry just a little.

Last Updated: November 20, 2008

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