What to wear to E3 if you have breasts

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Because... fashionI was going to write an article saying what you should wear to E3, or rAge, if you were male but then I remembered that we can wear whatever we want and no one would care… and then I thought well what about the ladies?

Then I remembered they are also sentient beings and wouldn’t need to be told what to wear at a conference any more than we would… and that’s when I realised how wrong I was.

Forbes… you’ve heard of them before right? Well they’ve posted an article, written by a woman, helpfully telling the ladies heading to E3 what they should wear to a gaming conference.

“Many women prefer to keep a low profile with “non booth babe” wear – like a baggy t-shirt and jeans.  But in an industry trying to attract more female gamers, its worthwhile to spend some time thinking about how what you wear can help you stand out as the savvy gaming industry expert that you are.”

Because the clothes make the women I guess? I’m also guessing this writer doesn’t have a clue about the gaming industry… moving on

“Here are two outfits to inspire your E3 wardrobe – one for a day at the convention center and one for the even more popular after parties.”

Yeah because a lady who wants to be taken seriously in gaming is going to be more interested in the popular after parties.. because that’s way cooler than games right?

“Go ahead and wear your favorite denim with a simple, scoop neck top or your company’s game-themed t-shirt (which I do recommend, because you want to promote your product and yourself), but pair with a streamlined, bright blazer and neon cross body bag, then add super comfy flats. This pair has the added advantage of an eye-catching scalloped edge. Your convention lanyards will act as your statement necklace.”

Oh god shoot me now

How about all the people who bash me for not being open to women only gaming conventions and the need to eject booth babes rather turn your anger onto garbage like this. If your biggest worry about attending E3 is what to wear and which party is going to be the coolest then please do us all a favour and get out of the gaming industry.

Last Updated: June 7, 2013

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