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What to wear to E3 (or any gaming expo): a Lazygamer guide

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Fashion police

Gavin laughed at me when I wrote about Marvel’s contribution to fashion earlier this year. But apparently fashion matters to gamers – just look at the recent brouhaha over the apparent male chauvinism in casual wear at gaming events. This isn’t even a new thing – a couple years ago there was drama over an article written with advice on how to dress for E3 if you’re a woman. So, here is my fashion advice for women and men attending gaming events, particularly expos.

First and foremost: wear something you’re comfortable in. You might be chatting to all kinds of people who range from those you want to avoid to those you want to impress. You don’t want to be worried about what you’re wearing, so pick a tried and true outfit that you know you feel confident and comfortable in.

There generally isn’t a dress code at these events, and things do tend towards the casual. Converse shoes are something of the norm, as are jeans or khakis. Whatever your shoe choice, be sure to wear something well worn and supportive – you’ll be on your feet for hours and you want to make sure you avoid as many blisters as possible; this is not the time to wear new shoes, a lesson Geoff learned the hard way. While plenty of people wear their gaming shirts to show their gaming cred, be aware of the people you’ll be around and if it will confuse them and make them think you’re part of the game’s creation/promotion.

If, like me, you have boobs, I go back to the first point. You need to dress so you’re comfortable. I spend most of E3, Gamescom and rAge in summer dresses because they keep me cool and take minimal time for getting dressed. If, however, you feel uncomfortable showing cleavage or curves, feel free to throw on something less revealing. That said, most people are so focused on the games that they will be too busy drooling over games to drool over you.

Contrary to the articles that cause so much mayhem, you really can wear whatever you like and makes you feel confident – In my own experience – which of course, is not everyone’s experience. While there is a general fashion norm of men wearing jeans, plaid shirts, sneakers and occasionally a beard, if you want to wear something different it won’t cause issues. With or without makeup, with or without jewellery, it really makes no difference; the focus is on the games and you really shouldn’t worry about making a fashion mistake. Unless, of course, you wear uncomfortable shoes that lead to bizarre chafing. Don’t do that.

Last Updated: May 21, 2015

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