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Which is cheaper: PS3 or Xbox 360

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Money Money Money Money Money

Matt Peckham over at PC World has put together a chart showing us the ‘real’ price difference between the PS3 and the various Xbox 360 models before and after the upcoming American price cut.

The 360 is cheaper as a unit but if you want to ‘upgrade’ it to the capabilities of the PS3 then it becomes a lot more expensive thanks to those idiotic accessory prices.

However right here I think the entire argument is flawed. The 360 is never going to be a PS3 and the PS3 is never going to be a 360. You can’t add a Blu-Ray drive into the 360. But let’s check out that chart anyway.

Ps3 vs Xbox 360 Costs

So basically after we have upgraded the HDD (why?), added WiFi and paid for Live we can see that the PS3 is only $20 more than the 360 Premium… which is the cheapest of the 3 Xbox versions.

However he forgot to add in a price to upgrade that PS3 HDD.

The Microsoft marketing strategy of giving you the base console and forcing you to buy extra’s has always been different to Sony’s plan of giving you everything in one go.

I don’t think either plan is generally better to be honest but the fact that Microsoft may be offering a next-gen console for under $200 in a weeks time may prove that they have the right idea.

I can tell you that when the non-gaming parents go out to the shops this holiday season they are going to be looking at the price and if the Wii is sold out I doubt they are going to fork out $470 for a PS3 when a perfectly capable 360 is sitting there for $199.

Source: PC World

Last Updated: August 29, 2008

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