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Which platform is best for Evolve?

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YOu said what about the master race?

Evolve is a bit of a hit and miss experience. When you’ve partied up with a bunch of friends, who all have voice chat to communicate, the game is an absolute blast. When you’re playing with mute strangers though, it’s a frustrating affair. One thing that Evolve consistently has going for it, though, is its visuals. The game looks outstanding on the CryEngine – but which platform delivers the most immersive hunting experience?

The amazing guys over at Digital Foundry conducted their Face-Off tests, and determined which platform comes out on top. For a game so focused on stability and framerate performance, it’s unsurprising that a few concessions had to be made. For instance, the Xbox One version runs at a lower 900p resolution, while the PS4 manages the full 1080p. Both versions seem to run close to the high graphics preset on PC, with the exception of some water reflections. Otherwise, all the other settings are there, although the PC does run some non-crucial textures at a higher resolution.

One thing Digital Foundry did notice was that the netcode on PC and Xbox One was far superior to PS4, which sometimes ended up hanging for minutes on end. Some reboots were required to solve the issue, so hopefully a patch in the near future will sort things out.

The Xbox One and PC versions of the game feel the most polished in these areas, with increased stability compared to the PS4 version. For example, matchmaking is a more inconsistent experience on Sony’s system, often leaving you waiting between five and 20 minutes when things aren’t quite working as they should.

The PC version comes out on top, but at a high cost. The CryEngine is just as unforgiving as always here, and Evolve is a very GPU-heavy title. Digital Foundry’s tests found that a GTX 750 Ti couldn’t lock the game at 30FPS with console quality, requiring something more akin to the GTX 960 to reach high framerates. The latest Nvidia cards also do the trick, even at higher resolutions, but AMDs hardware seems to fair better across the board when it comes to mid-range performance.

Evolve also stores a lot of data via RAM, putting far less strain on your card’s VRAM. This means that higher resolutions are easily attainable on cards with less than 4GB of memory (yes, this means the GTX 970 too).

Ultimately, Evolve runs pretty beautifully across all platforms, with the dark environments hiding any of the cutbacks Turtle Rock was forced to make. Looking at consoles alone, the PS4 seems like the clear winner, had it not been for the messy netcode. If you have the choice, PC is definitely the way to go – but make sure you have the hardware to back it up.

Last Updated: February 16, 2015

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