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Why is there a new store menu item?

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What the hell is OAF?

Some of the more eagle-eyed regulars may have noticed we have a shiny new Store link on our top menu. So does this mean Lazygamer is trying to break into the retail market? Absolutely not, we feel very strongly about mixing retail with editorial and the conflict of interest that it causes.

Just imagine we were a retail store and we now ordered 1000 units of TitanFall only to find out in our preview that the game sucked. We couldn’t tell you that since we’re invested in the game already and that would cause a huge issue.

So no don’t stress we are not going into retail. However I get a ton of email from people asking do we sell this game or that, or where can they find this particular game etc. So to try and help these people we have created 3 separate stores for our 3 largest markets. America, England and obviously South Africa.


The SA store isn’t quite up and running yet as we are using the Kalahari affiliate program and it’s not as advanced as Amazon but there are links to click to head over to Kalahari to complete your purchase.

Both the US and UK stores are running Amazon A-Stores which means you can pretty much complete your entire purchase while still being on our site.

Now obviously there is an ulterior motive here. Any purchases made through any of these links will bring commission to Lazygamer and help ease our reliance on display advertising which means a better experience for all.. and hopefully we can finally afford that lady of the night for Darryn.

So that’s it, the stores are there if you want to use them. We have no say in what appears there and have no idea if anything is ever featured or what not so don’t worry it absolutely won’t have any effect on our editorial integrity. Oh and the reason we are using Kalahari locally is simply because they are the only ones with an affiliate program. We are not endorsing any of these companies or saying they are cheaper, faster or better than anyone else.

And yes this is what I spent my weekend doing.. sad isn’t it.

Last Updated: February 10, 2014

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