Why The Wii Is Not Meeting Expectations

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So why is the hugely popular and virtually impossible to buy Wii not actually meeting some people expectations?

Well when you take a step back and look at the Wii with clear eyes you will notice some serious problems with it. Well according to the author over at rotpod.net that is.

Mainly, 1. Lack of games, 2. Lack of HD graphics, 3. Lack of decent hardware.

He mentions that he gets bored of the games very quickly and that there is very little innovation available for the Wii in reality, the only reason it is doing so well is  because it is easy to play and cheap.

It’s strange that every analyst and journalist that I have read thinks the Wii is a fad that will not last. Actually every hard core gamer has the same opinion. i don’t think anyone is going to change their opinion either. If the Wii sells 200 million units and is still around in 2012 you will still have people saying it is not a true gaming machine.

And they would be right, but really is it important? I for one cannot wait for the Wii to arrive in SA and am planning on picking one up on launch day. I don’t ever expect it to be my number 1 console but to pick up and play for 10 minutes or to have a game with my kids I just don’t see a better option on the market at the moment.

Link to Editorial: Why The Wii Is Not Meeting My Expectations at RotPod Blog

Last Updated: June 11, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • ok I have to comment on this:

    1. Lack of games – I think the Wii actually has more titles than the PS3?
    2. Lack of HD graphics – This machine wasn’t developed with HD inside, this is a known fact
    3. Lack of decent hardware – Wii is running a setup very similar to that of the original XBOX, and the fact that Wii, lead both PS3 & XBOX360 in terms of gameplay proves that they know what they’ve got and they know how to use it! who else has a wand? and who’s been taking the Wii’s design idea’s (is there anyone from Sony here?)

    Honestly if guys are going to give a review on a console spotting it’s “flaws” which have already been laid out for everyone to see, then he’s gone on incredible presumptions and should be shot in the hand and never allowed to play on a console again.

  • Ruslan

    Typical journalist type. I bet the folk who read his articles must be the type of people who sue gaming companies for the “evil games” their children play?

  • Neowolfchild

    If I based my console buying on other people’s opinions….I’d never own any consoles!
    The only way to judge a console’s worth to YOU…is to play on it yourself.

  • LazySAGamer

    I agree with all of the above but even my tiny little poll has an overwhelming majority of people claiming that the Wii will not win this current generation.

    For some reason no one is taking it seriously even though it is outselling the competition by 5:1 and 3:1…

  • Ruslan

    The Wii may not win this current gen but by the time MS & Sony catch up in sales & profit with Ninty they will be making a bigger/better Wii or banking on their profits big time. Ninty was an underdog prior to its launch with the Wii, now they are laughing it all the way to the bank.

  • Hey, I’m the writer of the original article and I actually love video games and I use to love my Wii, but really come on how many of the same types of games can you play?

  • Ruslan

    Same game types? Have you seen the trash that EA mostly sells each year? Why not write an article about them perhaps? Or are they too big of a company to pick on?

    An FPS will always be a FPS, its just how well its done and how a player gets sucked into the whole game experience. Same goes to all other game types which are re-done every 6 months. Thats the gaming industry we live in nowadays. Anything out of the marketing zone is dangerous because financially its very risky to invest millions into something new if it fails.

  • Lawnmower ZA

    With the likes of mario galaxy and metriod to still hit the console im sure the Wii can only get even better, theres no way im not putting one of them in my livingroom.

  • rondrecat

    OH yeah and i getting sick of people devolpers the wii Longevity if you Shut your mouth and make games for it instead of complaining then we wont have to worry about it being just a fad . the wii will only be a fad if half ass developers dont make games for it or make half ass port for 50 dollars that should only cost 20-30. the wii has plenty of other things going for it to keep consumers busy virtual console, web browser motion sensor controller and nice graphics . if people take they time they can make pretty games on the wii. the wii= almost 2 cubes that means games can have graphics that look twice as good as re4,metroid prime and you guys remember how pretty riddick was on the xbox, as long as we get something to play on our wii then it wont be a fad keep making up new ideals gives us online play show us the true potential for the wii.i can easily see the wii lasting around 6+ years really as long as nintendo and 3rd party use good ideals i mean it will takes years to explore what the wii can do using the wii-mote by itself is almost endless but not only that you got the nunchuck the wii to ds online zapper and as times grews nintendo is only going keep improving the possibility with the wii.
    the only fads here are graphics i means lets face it when you first get a new system you so impress but after a few years you hardly start to notice and games that one was pretty are now ugly when the next big system comes out . but gameplay nevers a fad look at the ds look at the rumble. joypad and analog stick everybody may not reailze it but gameplay is truly more important if you dont true to play G.O.R
    without analog sticks and rumble or triggers button
    good gameplay is something you never complain about but grahics you will. in 20 more years we are going to complain about how ugly the ps3 graphics are but
    we still have motion controllers most likely with analogs sticks .

    even if the wii not 360 or ps3 take a look at these
    sucker and say dont dont look good

    super mario galaxy
    metroid prime 3 ( which looks better then halo 3)
    resident evil wii
    super smash bros wii
    diaster day of cris
    pokemon wii
    dbz wii
    godzilla wii
    sonic wii

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