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Why The Wii Is Not Meeting Expectations

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So why is the hugely popular and virtually impossible to buy Wii not actually meeting some people expectations?

Well when you take a step back and look at the Wii with clear eyes you will notice some serious problems with it. Well according to the author over at rotpod.net that is.

Mainly, 1. Lack of games, 2. Lack of HD graphics, 3. Lack of decent hardware.

He mentions that he gets bored of the games very quickly and that there is very little innovation available for the Wii in reality, the only reason it is doing so well is  because it is easy to play and cheap.

It’s strange that every analyst and journalist that I have read thinks the Wii is a fad that will not last. Actually every hard core gamer has the same opinion. i don’t think anyone is going to change their opinion either. If the Wii sells 200 million units and is still around in 2012 you will still have people saying it is not a true gaming machine.

And they would be right, but really is it important? I for one cannot wait for the Wii to arrive in SA and am planning on picking one up on launch day. I don’t ever expect it to be my number 1 console but to pick up and play for 10 minutes or to have a game with my kids I just don’t see a better option on the market at the moment.

Link to Editorial: Why The Wii Is Not Meeting My Expectations at RotPod Blog

Last Updated: June 11, 2007

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