Wii HD in 2011?

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wii-hd John Davidson has reported on whattheyplay.com that he has heard from multiple sources in the game development and publishing community that Nintendo is currently showing early presentations of its next home console hardware. There is however no indication that the console will in fact be called Wii HD, but has been dubbed so by those who have seen the presentation.

While their sources were reluctant to be too specific about “Wii HD,” they have been able to divulge a couple of tidbits.

“High definition visuals are assured, as is a greater emphasis on digitally distributed and backwardly compatible content, indicating that the new system will feature some form of local storage medium such as a hard drive or large flash memory solution. It has also been indicated that Nintendo’s emphasis is again on what the consumer will hold in their hands and interact with, rather than the “console” itself.”

It is unlikely that any official acknowledgment of Nintendo’s new hardware will come until at least 2009, however company president Satoru Iwata will be delivering his annual fall presentation this Today.

Source: What They Play

Last Updated: October 1, 2008

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