Will Activision have their own subscription service?

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Subscription service are becoming a little more common in the industry today, Sure we’ve had console specific ones like PS Plus and Games with Gold for a while now, but EA’s entry into “gaming as a service” has brought up a few questions. Will this be the new direction of the industry? Will games ownership become a thing of the past? But, most importantly, will anyone else follow in EA’s footsteps.

Maybe, given some time. Right now though, Activision is pretty much fine with the way they conduct their business and see no reason to introduce their own subscription service. Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg explained that the current slate the company has is working, with new franchises having huge potential in the future.

“As you know, we have a very focused strategy as a company, and we tend to focus our resources and our people on the biggest and best creative and commercial opportunities. And right now, I think we have our strongest slate ever and we’re broadening that slate, so we have a lot to focus on and a lot to make sure we get right in the coming months to keep our tentpole franchises driving and establishing new ones as well. And we think everything we’re working on has huge potential.”

That doesn’t mean a subscription service is off the table for good though. Activision is constantly evaluating the current business landscape, and if a subscription service makes sense in the future you can bet that they’ll go for it. It just doesn’t seem to make sense right now.

“And once those models are proven, we’ll pursue them if we think it makes sense for our players and for our business.”

Considering EA Access makes some sense considering all the annual releases EA pumps out, one would assume Activision to be the next publisher to adopt such a model. It could still happen, just not anytime soon.

Last Updated: August 6, 2014

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