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Entelect 2014

Do you know how to program stuff? Do you like money? Then do I have an opportunity for you! The Entelect 100k challenge is back, and now even beginner programmers can stand a chance to rake in some Randelas.

According to the press release I’m going to copy and paste in parts below, the competition is hosted by Entelect Software and NAG Magazine. Participants need to write an AI program, and this year, it’s focused on a classic:

“This year’s competition sees entrants compete in the classic game of Pacman, with a twist. Entrants will be divided into two separate pools based on their abilities, with each pool yielding grand-prize winners of the 2014 challenge. This effectively allows beginner programmers and artificially intelligent enthusiasts to compete against each other with a better chance of making it into the final four than previous years, with the winner taking home a cash prize of R50 000. Similarly, the more advanced entrants will pair off against each other in the advanced pool for the grand prize of R100 000,” says Tim Kroon, General Manager at Entelect Solutions.

Designers can also have some fun – this year there’s also an opportunity for programmers and designers to build their own Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the game. This competition has a prize of R15k and will be featured at the challenge play-offs press event.

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So, get your coding brain going and enter over here to stand a chance to take home some big prize money.

Last Updated: April 15, 2014

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