Win a Far Cry 4 bundle of awesomeness

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Didn’t win Assassin’s Creed Unity? Maybe you can win a copy of Ubisoft’s not completely broken open world shooter instead. I’ve rather enjoyed my time in Kyrat, and plan to spend many, many more hours liberating outposts, hijacking radio towers and skinning just about every animal the region has to offer. You can win a bunch of Far Cry stuff, along with a copy of the game on your platform of choice. As long as that platform isn’t PC. Here’s how.

You stand a chance of winning a copy of the game, plus this stuff:

  • Badge
  • A Far Cry 4 branded Zippo Lighter
  • Sleeveless jacket
  • T-shirt
  • Key ring
  • Pen
  • Pagan Min wig.
  • Far Cry 4 carabiner and a
  • Copy of the game

In fact, here’s a video of Zoe showing you most of that stuff.

Want to win that, plus a copy of the game? You sure do. Click here. The regular rules apply; one entry per wholly unique email address, and only open to those who reside in South Africa.

Last Updated: November 19, 2014

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