Win a Gold Plated Xbox 360–Yes you can enter and win this isn’t USA only

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We’ve often posted about some awesome online gaming competitions over the years but unfortunately they generally all end up the same way with us stating that they are only available to people living in either the USA or Europe.

However today is different, the guys behind Castle Crashers have decided to reward the Xbox community for buying over 1 million copies of Castle Crashers by running an online tournament with the top prize being a (working) 24ct gold plated Xbox 360.

Why you would want a gold plated Xbox 360 is anyone’s guess but if you are truly awesome you could plan to come second and receive a Castle Crashers themed Xbox 360 or third place will net you 250 squishy chickens… which is a truly odd prize to walk away with.

So now for the important information, how do you enter. All you have to do is load up Castle Crashers and start playing in the arena. On the 28th of January the top 100 players in the arena leaderboards will be selected to participate in a 1 on 1 battle to the death until their is only one left standing.

Easy enough… let’s get cracking.

GoldXbox 360 GoldXbox 360Battery GoldXbox 360Controller

Source: TheBehemoth

Last Updated: January 11, 2011

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