Windows 10 is officially out next month

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It’s no secret that Microsoft has been aiming for a late July release for Windows 10 – a date which AMD’s CEO managed to leak in April. The software giant has been eagerly pushing out preview builds one after the other, but failed to mention a confirmed date for the highly anticipated OS at the Build conference last month. Thankfully, that was put to rest today.

In a new trailer (yeah, trailers for an OS), Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 will be out on July 29th. In fact, you probably already knew that – considering most versions of Windows 8 and 7 are now prompting users to lock in their free orders for the upgrade well ahead of time.

Windows 10 is aiming to fix a lot of what many found irritating with Windows 8, starting with the inclusion of a proper, more traditional Start Menu. There’s also a brand new, powerful browser called Edge (previously Project Spartan), a new digital voice assistant named Cortana and still no sight of Halo ever coming to PC again. There’s also going to be a revamp of how apps work, and windowed applications so that you’re not caught having to swap through multiple desktop views.

The upgrade is even more important for gamers, as it will bring DirectX 12 support for all future titles that will utilise the API. Nvidia have already got their cards in with the 900-series, and AMD is expected to do the same this week. DirectX 12 is the future of PC Gaming, and you’re going to need Windows 10 to make use of it.

So thank goodness that the OS is looking mighty fine right now, and incredibly attractive at the low price of free for anyone on Windows 7 or 8. July 29th will be an interesting day indeed.

Last Updated: June 1, 2015

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