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Winter Wyvern’s debut is overshadowed by New Bloom’s adorable wolf pup

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Winter Wyvern is bringing New Bloom to Dota 2

We’re a week away from Chinese New Year, which is a festive time for most Chinese communities around the world. More importantly, it’s a festive time for every Dota 2 player on the globe, as the New Bloom update looms. Bringing a new game mode, items and more, New Bloom is one of the biggest events for the game of the year. Only this time, there’s a new character joining the action as well.

I would love to say I told you so, but pretty much everybody agreed with my guess that Winter Wyvern was featured in the New Bloom trailer just a few days ago. Valve has been teasing him for months now, and he’s finally going to join the roster with the new update. Winter Wyvern looks like an incredibly irritating Hero to deal with, especially when you glance over his ultimate. Freeze one enemy and get his teammates to attack him? That’s certainly going to be fun in team fights.

  • ARCTIC BURN: Soar upon an icy gust to fly over obstacles, and strike enemies from afar with attacks that remove a percentage of their health.
  • SPLINTER BLAST: Shatter a block of fragile ice on an opponent that launches splinters into nearby enemies.
  • COLD EMBRACE: Encase an ally in a healing cocoon of ice that renders them immune to physical attacks.
  • WINTER’S CURSE: Freeze an enemy in place and strike those around them with a curse that causes them to attack their frozen ally.

New Bloom doesn’t, however, rest on Winter Wyvern alone. There’s a brand new Arcana set for Crystal Maiden as well, which you could also see in the trailer for the patch. The Arcana set rings in at a pricy $28, but include new attack animations, death animations, hero pedestal and more. The best part of it though is the unique Wolf Pup pet, which I would pay the world for alone. Just look at how cute Aurora is – and thankfully since he’s not a courier, I don’t have to worry about anyone trying to kill him.


New Bloom will also include a new themed map to wage battle in, brand new items for a large selection of heroes and a new voice box for Spectre. There’s also a way to recycle items and bet on victories again, which acts as a nice risk or reward system that promises some ultra-rare treasure drops. And no patch would be complete without some balancing, with Juggernaut taking a bit of a knock, while no one gets a buff.

Check out the full New Bloom page on the Dota 2 website for all the nitty gritty details and stat changes. Be sure to check out Winter Wyvern in action too in the Hero Spotlight below. I’m definitely picking him first when I eventually decide to play a game this week.

Last Updated: February 12, 2015

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