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Women's Rights Group petitions to block sales of Duke Nukem Forever

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Here’s a bit of news that might shock you: Duke Nukem Forever isn’t exactly the most politically correct game out there. The addition of a multiplayer mode called “Capture The Babe” doesn’t exactly help Duke’s family friendly image either.

Some people have taken genuine offense at the Capture The Babe mode; that is entirely their own opinion and they are entitled to it. Others have decided to try to take the matter further. A petition has appeared online that aims to prevent the sale of Duke Nukem Forever in Walmarts, of all places.

It’s a little odd that the group responsible for the petition is only targeting sales of the game in Walmarts, but they say that “Walmart is set to be one of the primary sellers” and that this goes against the “family friendly” ethos of the store.

The group isn’t going all Australian Ratings Board on us because they don’t want the game banned. What they are asking for is that Walmart refuse to sell the game until the Capture The Babe mode is removed. They win kudos for maintaining a bit of perspective and not approaching the matter in an “all or nothing” manner.

That being said, their description of the multiplayer mode has a bit of implied meaning:

“The player is tasked with kidnapping a woman from his enemy’s base, throwing her over his shoulder, and carrying her back to his base to share the spoils.”


What are the spoils? You mean a point that will put your team in the lead, or do they mean something more sinister? To my knowledge, Gearbox hasn’t mentioned what happens once the babe is brought back to base – the petition is working off an assumption here.

What’s more, the statement that “Duke Nukem Forever makes a game out of physical and sexual violence against women” might be a little bit strong. They’re not providing all the facts, and yet they’re asking people to sign a petition based on statements that come off as being a little bit knee-jerky.

I’m in two minds about this: I can completely understand that some people are angry about the multiplayer mode. They have a right to voice their concern and online petitions are a good way of doing so and adding public support to your cause. However, in order for people to make an informed decision, they need to be given all the facts in a clear and unemotional manner, even if the subject is a sensitive one.

What are your thoughts Lazygamer readers?

Source: Change.org [via lo-ping.org]

Last Updated: March 31, 2011

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