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Work Avoidance Wednesday – Circus Charlie

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Circus Charlie (1)

WHEN I WERE A LAD, back in 2015, I used to love going to the circus. Just so that I could heckle the elephants, and their enormous trunks. And also their massive face-noses.

Sawdust floors, candy-floss that made my gums bleed and clowns that would regularly horrify children were just a few highlights of a night out under the big top. That, and being attacked by the illegal immigrant trapeze artists after a drunken argument went south real quick.

Circus Charlie (1)

Needless to say, I have a soft spot for circus games. Specifically, Circus Charlie. You might remember it from ye olde NES days, an old-school collection of themed circus stages that had you donning grease-paint and engaging in various circus activities.

Like jumping livestock through hoops of fire! Navigating a trapeze over certain death! Tight-rope walking while those damn monkeys try to knock you off! Good times! And times that should be relived, right here:

Circus Charlie
Circus Charlie

Click to play this game.

I have such fond memories of this game. It was one of the very first games I ever played, after receiving an old knock-off Famicom. Huddled together with various other titles on a 16-in-1 Golden China cart, it was a game that I jammed regularly, alongside pilfered classics such as Islander, Yie Ar Kung Fu and Starcross.

Circus Charlie was originally released in arcades in 1984, before heading to home consoles from 1986. Knowing that it took over a decade before I finally got to play it as a wee kid, is something that still amazes me to this day. For some odd reason though, my Golden China game listed the game as “Charlie’s Circus” instead, which disappointed my father who thought the game was a Charlie’s Angel spin-off.

Circus Charlie (2)

Also, I may have set my lion on fire, one too many times in circus Charlie.


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