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Work Avoidance Wednesday – Pandemic2

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Because I’m under the weather as I type this – with some or other virus wreaking havoc upon my sinuses, what better way to avoid work today than by curling in to a little ball and climbing in to bed? As that’s not something that can happen today, let’s instead create a horrible disease that’ll end life on earth as we know it.

Today’s bit of Work Avoidance comes in the form of browser game Pandemic 2, which is yes – essentially a browser-based progenitor to the lauded Plague Inc. You’ll have to start up some or other lethal disease, and mutate with earned evolution points as time goes on.


As your disease evolves and become more lethal, you’ll need to start paying attention to how much the Earth’s governments are tracking your abomination, mutating it through wise choices to keep it spreading. You’ve got quite an assortment of maladies to play with; fever, coughing, sweating, sneezing, vomiting, heart failure, fatigue, liver failure, boils, kidney failure, sores, diarrhoea, depression, insanity, blindness, dementia, cysts, hypersensitivity, hypertonia, nausea and necrosis.


Go for horrible, noticeable deadly mutations too early and you’ll get noticed before your malady becomes an epidemic.

You’ll have to use cold, heat, drug or moisture resistance to block or overcome the use of vaccines in regions, checking each reason for ways and means to keep spreading. Keep on spreading, and you’ll eventually bring whole governments down.


As said, play your hand too early, and your awful affliction won’t be going anywhere. You’ll have to play smart, managing your resources and watching the world’s response to your calamity. If you’ve played Plague Inc, this is nothing new to you – if you haven’t though, give it a shot… and prepare for addiction.


You can play Pandemic 2 right here.

If you’ve got any browser games you think would be a great way to avoid working, leave us a note in the comments, and your suggestion could be next week’s big time-waster.

Last Updated: July 16, 2014

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