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Work Avoidance Wednesday: typeracer

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No, we didn’t forget about Work Avoidance Wednesday. We just couldn’t find anything that could steal your time for a week. Also, it’s still the start of the year and we know some of you had resolutions to work harder or something. Oh, who are we kidding? Here’s a game to steal some of your time today, and at least it will seem like you’re working furiously hard.

typeracer is essentially a typing timer. It will tell you how many words per minute you can type, as well as your accuracy for the passage. However, unlike other typing evaluations, this one is made into a game thanks to adding cars and letting you race strangers on the internet. Or your friends, if you prefer.

Typeracer 1

I hold the record in the office. I generally hit somewhere in the 90 words per minute (wpm) with somewhere around 95-98% accuracy. Not too shabby.

Typeracer 2

Darryn isn’t quite as fast, grabbing 62 wpm. However, he has 100% accuracy with zero errors. Slow and steady wins the race, I guess. Sandy was in the 40-50 wpm last we checked, although I guess he’s still busy typing at the moment. Unfortunately, his accuracy was barely a passing mark. Gavin totally surprised me. Despite the perception that he would have clumsy caveman hands, he actually types almost as fast as me, averaging in the 80s-90s wpm. Who would have thought?

Typeracer 3

Of course, you’re all curious about Geoff’s abilities. He won’t share. He claims that he hasn’t done the test, but I also know that he doesn’t touch type so he’s probably just afraid to show us how awesome he really is – even without touch typing he annihilates us each week for Batman. Proof that it’s not just about speed. Right?

At least this week while you’re avoiding work you’ll be typing furiously and appearing to be working ridiculously hard.

Last Updated: February 11, 2015

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