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World Cyber Games tournaments cancelled

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World cyber games

After 14 years of eSports glory, World Cyber Games (WCG) is closing doors. It’s not entirely clear why (although it’s not exactly surprising), but this certainly can’t be good for eSports – we need more major eSports tournaments, not less.

eSports site, Ongamers, is reporting on an email purportedly sent out by WCG CEO, Brad Lee stating that the organization will not longer hold tournaments:

This year, World Cyber Games Inc. will not organize tournaments and events, including the World Cyber Games finals world.

Accordingly, each partner can use brand WCG in your country from this point. This decision was made by the WCG committee after considering the current global trend as well as the business environment.

This is a shocking news to you, we know, the entire staff of the WCG was surprised.

In 14 years, all you have to do what makes the best WCG become the greatest events in the world.

There are many great moments based on your dedication. Although the brand has disappeared but WCG spirit will remain forever in the hearts of each player and fans.

This moment is very difficult and painful for me. However, I must say goodbye to the WCG.

The WCG began in 2000, sponsored by Korea’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Information and Communications and Samsung. It became a staple in the eSports calendar, specifically for WarCraft 3 and Counter-Strike, as well as StarCraft, Quake and League of Legends. In recent years, the tournaments have been less successful, leading to this closure. However, it made an important impact on eSports and will be missed.

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Last Updated: February 6, 2014

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