Worst Gaming Cover of All Time

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I personally think that is the worst ever gaming cover of all time. I mean it’s just plain creepy really…..

IGN has a list of the worst 25 covers of all time and they rated this one 5th (as you can see by the pretty gold block in the corner). So it makes you think what could possibly be worse than this?

Ninja Golf

Now as absolutely awful as this Ninja Golf cover is I still don’t think it beats the weird old man in the top cover. I mean the name of the game is Phalanx…. I really wonder what these marketing people do all day to come up with names and designs like these two…

If you want to check out some equally bad covers follow the link to see how IGN rated their 25 worst covers of all time.

IGN 25 Most Awesome Covers

Last Updated: March 28, 2007

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