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WWE 2K returns to the ring in October

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CAN YOU DIG IT, SUCKA? Another year, another annual release of specific games. As usual, you can expect Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty and FIFA to trot out new versions of a familiar game, ready to sell to fans who never seem to tire of a specific formula. But there’s one other game that’s also getting the annual treatment. A game that smells of sweat, spandex and a ring announcer constantly hyping the WWE Universe. WWE 2K16 is the name of the game, and it wants to play. Insert Motorhead guitar solo here.

WWE 2K16 will arrive on October 27 according to publisher Take Two Interactive in a filing today. The game will hit PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. There’s no word on a PC edition, but seeing as how WWE 2K15 got ported on over a couple of weeks ago, don’t count out the possibility of that platform not making it to the ring.

WWE 2K games have pretty much launched at the tail-end of October for several years now, especially under the 2K imprint. Last year’s WWE 2K15 was a slobber-knocker in the looks department. To a point of course, as the facial capture technology used to render amazing realistic likeness also highlighted a massive gap in performers who hadn’t received such a treatment.

The game wasn’t perfect either, as according to the Million Zimbabwean Dollar Man (That’s me!), the end result was:

A slick product, but on closer examination it hides numerous problems and flaws. It’s the game of tomorrow with the problems of yesteryear, a transitional game between platforms that feels like very little care has gone into crafting the ultimate simulation in sports entertainment. And that’s the bottom line.

Still, every year I hope for a new WWE game that’ll finally allow me to cross off No Mercy and Here Comes The Pain from my list of top wrasslin’ games? Will this be the year that WWE 2K16 delivers a game which looks, handles and feels great and doesn’t skimp on the features? Who knows. All I do know however, is that Bad News Bonthuys will return for that game.

Last Updated: May 19, 2015

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