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Xbox 360 and Japan: Failure-in-a-Box

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There is an interesting article over at Informationarbitrage.com about how the Xbox and Xbox 360 where financial disasters for Microsoft.

It all boils down to Japan in the end where the Xbox continues to fail spectacularly. Roger, the guy who wrote the article, goes on to say that no console has ever done well if it has failed in Japan and over the years there has only ever been two console makers who have made a profit. Sony and Nintendo.

Now we all know about how large Microsoft’s pockets are but how long will they continue to allow an entire department to make a loss before they call it quits. He goes on to show how the MS Home Entertainment division is always operating at a loss and how this could end the Xbox.

However I think he misses the fact that the HE department does a lot more than the Xbox and the amazing disaster that the Zune became should not be ignored, never mind the Media Center boxes that no one else installed into their houses.

It’s still an interesting read though so click on through….

Link to Information Arbitrage: MSFT, Xbox 360 and Japan: Failure-in-a-Box

Last Updated: April 18, 2007

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