Xbox 360 Controller Redesign Is Real

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Yesterday we posted a rumour about an update to the 360 controller – quite possibly the most comfortable controller I’ve used, albeit with one of the worst d-pad’s I’ve ever experienced. According to the rumour, the updated design was primarily to rework the d-pad, and appease fighting game fans.

Thanks to Major Nelson, we have confirmation that a new 360 pad is indeed on its way. Curiously, it features an unnecessary “transforming” d-pad. Users can change the new Xbox 360 controller’s directional pad from a flat surface to an actual raised d-pad with a twist of the base. One moment it’s flat, the next it’s raised, making hadoukens and dash cancels all the easier. It also might mean that when I press “up” to select grenades in Gears of War, it might actually f*cking select grenades, instead of accidently switching to to the lancer at the most inopportune of times.

It also apparently has a few ergonomic updates – as well as sleek and sexy grey face buttons, sure to confuse anybody who associates the buttons with their specific colours.

The controller will only be available as part of a “play and charge” bundle that’ll retail for $69.99 from November – R515 in direct conversion, although more likely to hover around R699 should it ever hit local stores.

Hit the jump for a demonstration of the controllers magical transforming d-pad.

Last Updated: September 1, 2010

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