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Xbox 360 sales up 88% in June, leading console sales in the US

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Aaron Greenberg tweeted earlier that the newly redesign Xbox 360 has been a major hit with retailers and customers alike with sales up by 88% in the month of June.

According to Aaron this has propelled the Xbox 360 to the top of the pile for the month of June outselling even the juggernaut that is the Wii.

As good as this is for Microsoft they will be aware that a single months sales won’t stop the rot and they need to keep this momentum going if they want to stay ahead of the PS3 until the end of this generation.

With the PS3 having the lions share of top quality exclusives in the pipe line you can expect a strong showing from them towards the end of the year but in my opinion if Kinect takes off like I am expecting it to then we will see Microsoft pulling away with ease over the next year.

Only time will tell I guess…

The official NPD stats will be out later today or tomorrow for us to see by how much Microsoft outsold the Wii in June.

Source: Twitter

Last Updated: July 16, 2010

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