Xbox 360 South African Community Updated

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7 has always been the most popular console gaming forum in South Africa since the launch of the 360 and now MiNeM has decided to improve it with a new look and feel as well as by adding some new functionality..

The forum is still there but it has now moved over to a new system (VBulletin) and we seem to have lost our ability to embed images which is not cool. Hopefully that gets sorted out soon. [Update: Sorted]

However we now have some news articles on the front page and a local Xbox Live leaderboard which is cool. There is a link to Xbox 360 events but so far nothing is listed there and there is a calendar which is also blank…

The one thing that confuses me however is why the domain name has changed to and how does MiNeM keep getting his hands on these trademarked domains? [Update: it appears to be a temporary thing so don’t go updating your bookmarks just yet]

So head on over and take a look, I’m still unsure if I prefer the new look and feel or not…

Link to Xbox 360 South African Community

Last Updated: August 17, 2007

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