Xbox in the clouds

Microsoft has told us about the cloud, and they’ve told us about the Kinect, but apparently we just don’t see why they’re so awesome. Now, we get a new video spelling it out for us – and to be honest, I think it’s pretty cool. Kinect may still be creepy, but at least it’s not ONLY creepy.

The new video, titled “Xbox One is built for the Future”, starts by explaining the cloud system. As Albert Panello, Director of Product Planning, states:

Any Xbox One in the world is your Xbox.

While he’s not inciting shoplifting or stealing, Panello does have a point. Log in (through the power of the cloud) to any Xbox One, and you will have all your save data, achievements and page settings. Honestly, it’s what we’ve come to expect thanks to Google. Still, a real nice thing to have. They seem to gloss over the idea of dedicated servers; I would love to know if we will also be getting local ones.

Graeme Boyd and Panello go on to discuss the Kinect. Panello assures viewers that the console will still work without the Kinect. You can play games and watch as much TV as you like without the peripheral. However, by using the Kinect, you can pass your controller to your friend and it will know that there is a different person playing, and link that gameplay to their Xbox profile. Guess that means people will have to find a different way to cheat on their achievements. Also, you can go all futuristic on the Xbox One – telling it to record you.

Check out the video here:

Convinced yet? I like what I’m seeing about the Xbox One – Microsoft seems to be trying hard to overcome their previous PR disasters – but do you guys trust them again? Did you ever?

Last Updated: October 16, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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