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Xbox fans are incredibly angry that Quantum Break is coming to PC

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Fans angry over Quantum Break on PC

In probably the least surprising, but nevertheless exciting, news of yesterday, Microsoft officially confirmed that their once Xbox One exclusive had now joined the ranks of their new sales plan. Quantum Break is now simply a Windows exclusive, and is coming to PC along with the Xbox One. It’s a strategy that Microsoft seems to be employing with all of their first-party exclusives, increasing their potential market while still only supporting their own products

And just as unsurprising as the announcement itself, people are pissed. Namely Xbox One fans.

Deciding to be a sport and actually engage with fans on a social level, Xbox Head Phil Spencer opened up his Twitter to address fan concerns of the announcement. Concerns being a redundant term here, considering that there shouldn’t really be an issue with a game now being made available to more players. And yet, Spencer was met with hostilities such as this:

The argument further derails from there, with multiple “fans” claiming that Microsoft is betraying their console audience by making them pay more for a sub-par experience (apparently in mathematics a annual Xbox Live fee is enough to outweigh the colossal fee of actually gaming on PC). And aside from the ridiculousness of that statement alone, there’s really little reason for anyone to be upset here.

The prevailing argument is that Microsoft, through these actions, is making the Xbox One less attractive – which is perhaps true for a very small subset of gamers. These are gamers who are able to afford the maintenance of a gaming PC, as well as a single console. That pushes out a large majority, with the idea of purchasing both consoles instead actually making even more sense. So in truth, how many people is it really negatively affecting? Well none really.

Gears of War 4 is also coming to PC

Microsoft isn’t aiming to compete with itself here. They’ve long expressed interest in unifying their platforms under the Windows banner, and all it really does is give them more people to target with software sales – the bread and butter of this industry. In that space they’re actually just increasing their potential revenue in ways that Nintendo and Sony can only dream of – because you can bet that if either could do the same at this point they probably would.

Having Xbox One exclusives come to PC isn’t impacting the sales potential of the console, because it doesn’t automatically mean everyone with an Xbox One can now afford a PC. If you’re in that space, then great! You suddenly have more buying power in the games market. If not, then you simply go with the platform of your choice.

In the end, Microsoft is still forcing you to buy into one of their ecosystems to play their games. So if you desperately want to play Quantum Break, it’s pretty hard to see how bringing it to PC is negatively impacting that. Entitlement is a confusing thing.

Last Updated: February 12, 2016

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