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Xbox is getting a new boss. Again.

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It wasn’t long ago at all that we told you that Julie Larson Green was, as the head of Microsoft’s entertainment and devices division, the new head of Microsoft’s Xbox division – and how nice it would be to finally have a woman in charge. Well, it didn’t last long.

As you’ve likely heard, Microsoft is set to acquire Nokia’s smartphone division – and as part of that deal, Nokia’s CEO will take over. IGN’s confirmed that Nokia CEO Stephen Elop will join Microsoft and lead an "expanded devices team," and that that team includes the Xbox division.

Larson-Green will continue to lead the team until the acquisition is final, making Elop the big boss of Xbox. After that, Larson-Green will be working under Elop. Microsoft’s had a bit of a crisis of management recently, with personality-free former Xbox head Don Mattrick jumping ship to Zynga, and sweaty, bald Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer set to retire within the next year.

Elop is himself actually a former Microsoft employee, having been the head of the company’s Business division, overseeing Microsoft Office production. As fun as it would be to blame him for Nokia’s downfall (and the N-Gage!), he’s only been in charge since 2010.

Last Updated: September 3, 2013

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