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Xbox Live Starter Pack coming soon

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A report has come in confirming that a new Xbox Live starter pack has been made official and is going to be arriving sometime next week for the US price of $99.00.

The pack includes a 60GB HDD, a 3 month subscription to Xbox Live, a wired headset as well as an ethernet cable. A touch expensive? Maybe. With 20GB HDD’s usually going for around a grand in South Africa, it may not actually be a bad deal. This all however depends on the price it will be when it hits local shelves, which also brings me onto my next point.

When I say next week, I mean next week in the US as there are no indications to whether or not we will even be seeing it in South Africa, especially since we don’t even have local Live support. We can only hope to see it someday soon and with all of the extra online functionality being pushed towards the casual gamer with the new dashboard update, it’s about time that we start seeing some proper news about some local support.

source: X3F

Last Updated: October 29, 2008

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