XBox Live! to launch in India in October..what about SA?!

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Well, yesterday I was just chilling on the net for a bit, taking a break from the normal stresses of life and catching up on the latest console news when I came across this forum post from the wiiindians forum :

Xbox LIVE in October?
However, the primary reason for Mohit getting in touch with us was Xbox LIVE. There has been growing frustration at the delays in launching the LIVE service in India. We reported a while back that India would get Xbox LIVE in September, coinciding with the entire Halo 3 hoopla. But that plan has since fallen through and now Xbox LIVE is scheduled to launch in October, latest by October 29 when the server update takes place. There is also a strong likelihood that the Xbox LIVE fall update will take place on October 29 as well. Robbie Bach (President of Microsoft’s Entertainment & Devices Division) will be in India for the Xbox LIVE launch.

Now the entire forum post deals with various issues that the Indian 360 community had with MS India, everything from a delayed launch of Bioshock (*shudder*) in India which resulted in flaming abusive comments being hurled between forumites and MS execs to lack of XBox 360 accessories.

Now, the reason I’m posting this is because we’re pretty much in the same situation here in SA, nagging MS to give us official Live! support. Heck we’ve even set up a petition site to get their attention but still nothing has been done.

Now, the way I see it, the forum post mentions that in India an Xbox 360 Pro costs in excess of $650 (WOW!) whereas we’re pretty much on par with the UK ( sells a Pro + PES6 for £299.99). So, first I thought higher price means less Indian 360 owners which means less people on Live! which means no support for Live! for them, but then I realised that they have a huge population and broadband over there is pretty cheap compared to SA so I can understand why MS is giving them Live!.

So, if MS can accommodate them then I say, why not us? We have a pretty decent online community and I don’t see why we can’t also push for an October launch (*optimist*) 🙂 I’ve emailed MS SA to make them aware of this and I’ll probably get a reply tomorrow. Let’s hope they smell the coffee pretty quick and follow their Indian counterparts.

Last Updated: August 19, 2007

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