Xbox One With Kinect

Popular Mechanics is a much loved magazine, particularly popular in the US of A. Every year, they make their top 10 list of products that showed innovation and transformation. Guess what, the Xbox One landed on the list!

Popular Mechanics describes their breakthrough awards:

Whether developed in a garage or in the lab of a multinational corporation, these are the year’s most innovative and transformative products

The Xbox One is described as both evolutionary and revolutionary. Notable mention is made of the new Kinect, explaining how it can see in total darkness, track movements in your hands and muscles and even sense your heartbeat. Popular Mechanics goes on to say something I’m not sure developers want to hear:

The platform is so advanced that developers have barely begun to grasp all its possibilities.

Other products on the list include the Pebble Watch and Rust-Oleum NeverWet Liquid Repellent. If you haven’t seen that NeverWet stuff, it’s ridiculously impressive. No really, the guys and I watched this video over and over again a while back – this stuff is too cool!

Hmm, so, The Daily Mail made their statement that the PS4 is the most influential tech of 2013 while Popular Mechanic believes that the Xbox One is one of the top ten breakthrough products of 2013. Honestly, both consoles look incredible and are a huge leap forward. Now to just save up enough money to have them in my home – a home that will soon be fully protected by NeverWet!

Last Updated: October 14, 2013

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