Xbox One could have screenshots very soon

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Screenshot coming to Xbox One soon

The Xbox One February update is out now, and Microsoft’s console is still missing a major feature. PS4 players have been able to take and share screenshots nearly since launch, and yet it’s not yet possible on the other current-gen console. But it’s on the way, and might just be around the corner is Phil Spencer is to be trusted.

Just before the weekend rolled in, Spencer posted a picture showing screenshot functionality working on his Xbox One dev kit. The functionality is nearly there, and from the looks of things the UI interface for the feature needs a lot of work. Still, this is the first sign that screenshots aren’t a distant hope for the Xbox One.

Judging from that shot alone, I don’t think screenshots will be ready in time for the March update. There still seems to be a lot to do in terms of accessibility and ease of use, because right now bringing up an obtrusive menu like that isn’t user friendly. I have no doubt Kinect functionality is also on the table before launch, so that commands like “Xbox, save that screen” actually make sense.

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But at least there’s some progress being shown, even if it’s taken far too long for Microsoft to implement this. I just hope it arrives before the next Gears of War; because I want to be sharing the hell out of my Lancer kills from day one.

Last Updated: February 9, 2015

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