Xbox One could have screenshots very soon

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Screenshot coming to Xbox One soon

The Xbox One February update is out now, and Microsoft’s console is still missing a major feature. PS4 players have been able to take and share screenshots nearly since launch, and yet it’s not yet possible on the other current-gen console. But it’s on the way, and might just be around the corner is Phil Spencer is to be trusted.

Just before the weekend rolled in, Spencer posted a picture showing screenshot functionality working on his Xbox One dev kit. The functionality is nearly there, and from the looks of things the UI interface for the feature needs a lot of work. Still, this is the first sign that screenshots aren’t a distant hope for the Xbox One.

Judging from that shot alone, I don’t think screenshots will be ready in time for the March update. There still seems to be a lot to do in terms of accessibility and ease of use, because right now bringing up an obtrusive menu like that isn’t user friendly. I have no doubt Kinect functionality is also on the table before launch, so that commands like “Xbox, save that screen” actually make sense.

But at least there’s some progress being shown, even if it’s taken far too long for Microsoft to implement this. I just hope it arrives before the next Gears of War; because I want to be sharing the hell out of my Lancer kills from day one.

Last Updated: February 9, 2015

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