Xbox One hitting South Africa in October?

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A fresh batch of Xbox One rumours have surfaced, and there’s some interesting news in there for local readers still waiting for news on a South African release of the console. According to The Verge, the console could be hitting the country in October.

In a report, The Verge says that there’s a white Xbox One on the horizon, but they also say that the console is headed for other territories soon.

“Microsoft is said to be releasing Xbox One in April in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Colombia, Chile, and Argentina,” the tech site says, following up with another batch of countries, including our own.

“An October launch of Xbox One is also rumored to follow in China, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Portugal, Slovakia, Turkey, Saudia Arabia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Israel, India, Indonesia, and Egypt.”

We’ve been pestering Xbox South Africa for information of a local release date every single day to no avail, and we’ll keep prying until we get official confirmation of the news. It’s honestly quite a likely date – so it gives you plenty of time to save all those peanuts.

The rumour says that the white, employee-only Xbox One is set to be released to the public, along with a possible disc-less version of the console and a 1TB version at some point in the future. The information comes from a verified insider that lurks neoGAF, who’s also spilled a ton of pertinent, interesting information on the Xbox One and its near future.

What say you, South African Xbox fans? Is October a fine time, or is it just too late? 

Last Updated: January 30, 2014

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