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Xbox One only coming to SA on the 27th June 2014?

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Over the weekend twitter user @Sir_Ominous_  tweeted at me asking if kalahari.com has accidently leaked the planned local release date for the Xbox One and the date doesn’t look pretty.

According to a listing for Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag on the Xbox One the current expected release date is the 27th of June 2014.


After a bit more research it becomes apparent that all the Xbox One titles are being listed for the 27th June 2014 which is making this look a lot more realistic. However we obviously decided we need to investigate further.

From what I can find all the Xbox One titles listed are being distributed locally by Megarom so did this release date come from Megarom, Microsoft or kalahari.com?

[Update] Well somehow I screwed this one up, it’s not only Megarom titles listed at all, in fact you can see all the titles by following this link where it shows titles from Ster-Kinekor, EA Games and Apex as well. With some titles even listed for the 14th of March 2014.

We chatted to Microsoft last week and they were adamant that they don’t currently know the local release date –  but then again a 27th of June release date would not be taken well so maybe they are keeping quiet about it.

But on a whim I searched for Watch Dogs and the truth appears to be shown through this PlayStation 4 release date of Watchdogs.


The official Watch Dogs release date is Spring 2014 which works out to around April or May so if the date was being set by Megarom then I would expect this date to be earlier. Nevermind the fact that they are more likely to simply list the title without a specific release date.

So in my humble opinion the 27th of June is simply a kalahari.com holding date that was used while adding in future titles without a set release date.

We will follow up with Megarom  the distributors and Microsoft this morning but honestly don’t expect anything more useful than a standard response of them not knowing the local release date.


Last Updated: November 18, 2013

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