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“Xbox One is without a doubt the worst performer”–Digital Foundry

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Just cause 3 is the latest open world game to be released across all the platforms, and while Alessandro enjoyed his time with the game he did say there were many problems with it – but that was on the PC version.

However it seems the problems aren’t only on the PC platform with Digital Foundry taking both consoles head to head and coming out with the incredibly damning statement of:

Xbox One is without a doubt the worst performer of the two (PS4) in direct tests.

Geoff covered the many technical faults in a more in-depth article yesterday where he goes over the fact that the Xbox One has the worst frame rate inconsistencies, with the it dropping down to 20fps at certain times while the PS4’s lowest is 24fps, which also isn’t great.

The PS4 however outputs at 1080p while the Xbox One is down at 900p which makes the larger drop even more worrying. Here is the full technical breakdown from Digital Foundry for those who love the details:

However this is more than just a problem for Just Cause 3. The Xbox One has been consistently second best in these tests and now that both consoles have had enough time to patch any issues, the fact that the console from Microsoft is still so far behind the PlayStation 4 is a serious worry.

Personally I’ve never cared if the one console pushes out 900p while the other does 1080p. I don’t see the difference on my gaming setup. However it’s impossible to ignore the fact that not only does the Xbox One push out fewer pixels but that it can’t push out those pixels at the same frame rate as the PS4.

Align that with the PlayStation 4 outselling the Xbox One and it really does make it near impossible to recommend anyone getting Microsoft’s machine for anything beyond exclusives,  and that should be a massive worry for the team at Redmond.

Microsoft would have had a perfect plan for the life cycle of the Xbox One, but now that is has become obvious that it won’t ever be able to stand up to the power of the PlayStation 4, it may be time to alter that plan and start planning for the release of the Xbox Two, Nextbox, Xbox Nexus, or whatever idiotic name they decide to go with.

Last Updated: December 2, 2015

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