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XCOM spoof game: HungoverX

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When 2K registered the domain hungoverx.com, most people thought it would be something GTA V related.  Certainly sounded like it.  But no!  It’s actually an XCOM Declassified: The Bureau spoof browser game.

Developed by 2K, it’s actually a pretty cool little interactive video.  You play as Bill Carter, a hungover employee arriving at work after an all-nighter spent playing XCOM and drinking copious amounts of booze and energy drinks.  You move through the game, using coworkers to create diversions as you strive for coffee, food and an early escape.

You can play it here – perfect for killing a few hungover minutes at work.  I mean, at home!  No one ever plays games at work…

Last Updated: August 6, 2013

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